Case Studies

LMS Generates More Revenue and Member Engagement


A medical association client needed a professional learning management system to manage their online educational programs and products and make them more easily accessible to members.


ExtendMed implemented a customized learning portal that enabled the association to sell more courses to a wider audience. Using templatized content, the education and marketing staff were able to post independently. Top revenue-generating programs included:

  • An award-winning mobile-compatible self-assessment product
  • A hybrid program that seamlessly combined e-learning with an onsite hands-on workshop
  • A profitable training program with certification for industry sales representatives, available as both a hybrid online/onsite program and an online-only version.


With its new learning management system and innovative online programs, the association was able to achieve impressive growth on all these dimensions in just five years:

  • Many more courses: The number of learning modules expanded by nearly 500%
  • Higher usage of content: The units purchased/used by members increased by over 440%
  • More member engagement: The number of online users grew by 879%
  • Significant revenue growth: Revenue from online programs increased by over 800%

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