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Healthcare professionals are hard to reach.
We'll help you get their attention.

No matter what type of online program you’re planning, ExtendMed can help you make it more compelling, memorable, and highly interactive. By partnering with us from the very beginning, we’ll extend your content—and budget—further than you ever thought it could reach.

ExtendMed Services

Speaker Bureau Management Speaker Bureau Management
Increase the pool of trained speakers prepared to deliver superior slide presentations and powerful brand messaging.
Virtual Advisory Boards & Portals Virtual Advisory Boards & Portals
With our video webcasts you can engage your advisors more often. Advisory board portals and feedback forums enable you to get timely feedback and distribute important updates.
Microsites to Build Communities Microsites to Build Communities
A customized microsite focusing on a disease state or brand can build awareness and loyalty among target audiences. Expand the reach of your symposia, product theaters and other content.
Live Webcasts on Disease States and Brands Live Webcasts on Disease States and Brands
Offer HCPs more engaging and convenient live video webcasts to interact with key opinion leaders online via desktop computers, iPads, and other mobile devices.
Cross-Channel Marketing Analyticsg Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics
How well are you reaching your target market? Which tactics are working best? Apply those insights using a convenient tool for planning your upcoming programs.
Online Training with Compliance Tracking Online Training with Compliance Tracking
Accelerate your speaker training, investigator training and pharmaceutical sales training.

ExtendMed Online CME/CE Services

Online CME/CE Programs Online CME/CE Programs
Make a stronger impact on more HCPs with online medical education. Compare pre-assessments to post-program assessments for educational outcomes analysis and learning gap analysis.