ExtendMed - KOL Development

Virtual Advisory Boards & Portals

Adding interim video webcasts allows you to engage your advisors more often. Advisory board portals and feedback forums enable you to get timely feedback and distribute important updates.

Virtual Advisory Boards & Portals
Ad Board Portal

Increase Your KOL engagement

  • Provides central hub for live and on-demand meetings, resource center, feedback forums
  • Enables more frequent communication with KOLs, including pre-meeting preparation, interim updates, special topics discussions
  • Facilitates gathering of more feedback on slides, promotional campaigns and materials
  • Provides more timely access to current research and company information

Advisory Board Portal Components Are Customized for Your Client's Needs

  • Quarterly Webcasts to supplement (or even replace) on-site meetings
  • Feedback Forum and Surveys for ongoing engagement
  • Resource Center to make the latest documents more readily available
  • Discussion Forum for continuing dialogue with KOLs
  • News or Spotlight to highlight corporate, drug, and disease news
  • Plus: Company information, advisor bios, etc.

Feedback Forum: KOLs Can Review Materials & Complete Surveys

Post materials for KOLs to comment on:

  • New slide decks
  • Articles
  • Promotional materials and advertising