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Engage meeting attendees on smart phones

The Solution for Cost-Effective Meeting Engagement via Smartphones

Engage attendees during and after your onsite meetings, from sign-in and polling to evaluations and follow-up. Get more out of your meetings – from expert roundtables and peer-to-peer programs to large symposia.

  1. Electronic sign-in: Have HCPs sign in to live meetings with a text code, QR scan, or tiny URL and provide their emails with opt-in for future communications.
  2. Polling and evaluations: Replace ARS devices for polling & use for post-meeting surveys with individual response tracking.
  3. Automated reporting: Eliminate manual entry of attendance and facilitate updating of CRM databases.
  4. More timely follow-ups: Send out post-meeting emails sooner asking attendees to take action (e.g., request samples or a visit) shortly after the meeting.
  5. Stronger connections: Reps and MSLs can follow up with HCPs to close the loop on live programs and answer questions.
  6. Permission-based follow-ups: Personalize your follow-ups based on each HCP’s specified areas of interest.

Benefits of AudienceConnect vs. Traditional Solutions:

      1. Electronic sign-in is faster and more accurate:
        • Speeds up sign-in process by using a quick scan of QR code or entry of tiny URL.
        • Eliminates time-consuming post-meeting manual entry of sign-in sheets
        • Facilitates accurate collection of names and emails without having to decipher handwriting
      1. Polling is more detailed, economical and convenient:
        • Tracks each individual’s responses
        • Offers significant savings over typical ARS systems
        • Eliminates cumbersome distribution and collection of separate ARS devices

      1. Automated and consolidated reporting is available immediately:
        • Provides administrators with access to online reports real-time. 
        • Consolidates data from sign-ins, polls and evaluations into one integrated system, providing analytics on responses from individual attendees as well as the overall group.
      1. Immediate access to tracking reports facilitates more timely followup:
        • Provides valuable way to reach out to HCPs faster, since studies have shown that the first 72 hours after a meeting are optimal for following up on requests and questions.
        • Facilitates more convenient distribution of relevant emails to keep your audience engaged.
      1. Stronger connections are forged when MSLs and reps have access to HCPs’ feedback:
        • Access to an HCP’s poll responses, pre- and post-tests, and evaluations can help MSLs and sales representatives have more meaningful followup discussions.
        • Ability to connect sooner after the meeting strengthens the HCPs’ understanding when interest level is at a peak.
      1. Analyze benefits more easily to answer key questions such as:
        • How well did you reach your target audience (by specialty, degree, and/or tier)?
        • What knowledge gaps or biases did poll results and assessments reveal?
        • What topics are of greatest interest to attendees for future programs?


AudienceConnect Implementation Services:

    • We use your branding and colors to customize the layout design.
    • We provide dedicated Level 2 client support.
    • We can integrate with your existing systems.
    • We offer customized reporting options.