Expert Insights Portal

Your one-stop shop for sharing and receiving information from your KOLs

Our platform can help you increase your KOL insight opportunities and streamline engagements. Through our automated system, you can save internal resources, time and money. 

Our Expert Insights Portal offers three components that will help you enable frequent and consistent communication with your KOL’s.

  • Feedback Forum: Send out blinded feedback to your invited KOLs to collect their feedback on products, policies and more
  • Discussion ForumOpen up message boards to your KOLs with seeded questions that invite them to start a conversation with each other
  • Virtual Ad Boards: Use our system to quickly pull together a group of your KOLs for discussion of a hot topic and/or breaking news. Or use our board for a pre-live ad board meeting and a post ad-board follow-up

Additionally, ExtendMed brings great strategic value to the project. We will:

  • Go beyond the surface:  We will conduct quarterly business reviews with your team in order to review insights and action, discuss strategy, and ensure that you get the best value out of our solution.
  • Systematize feedback collection: Our portal will help you build lasting relationships with your key experts, centralize all your communication, synthesize the “key opinions you receive” to find real insights, and “close the loop” by showing your experts how their feedback was heard.
  • Take care of the details: Our expert staff will streamline your pre-meeting planning, training, and setup; execute your live events; and report on participation, duration, and poll results from each live event.

Request more information about this product by filling out the form. We are happy to provide you with a complete description of our platform and it’s related services, a case study, and/or a free demo.