Learning Center

Streamline the delivery of medical education of internal and external audiences through online courses

Implement a branded learning website with our award-winning system. With the Learning Center send education to your audience through our digital asset library. Some of the benefits to our proven online learning system:

  • Compare Pre-assessment and post-assessment results in side by side displays
  • Use curriculum tagging and associations to manage your complex assets
  • Author your own content into the Learning Center for fast results
  • Check out our dashboard to view aggregate reporting across your assets and courses
  • Reach your learners anytime, anywhere with cross-selling and mobile access alerting
  • Excite your audience with peer to peer gaming capabilities (badges, dashboards, and leader boards)

The Learning Center can be integrated into your existing system to help facilitate a two-way data interface to dynamically pass data between systems (like member information, activity/accomplishments, purchases, and alerts). 

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