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Share slides with rule sets for easy presentation building by field, MSLs, speakers, faculty and consultants

The Solution for Managing Compliant and Engaging Slide Presentations

Speaker bureau administrators and Medical Affairs liaisons can rely on Presentation Manager as their one-stop resource for customizing slide decks that are:


  • Compliant:
    • Your business rules for compliance (i.e., requirements for mandatory slides and slide groupings) are strictly enforced
    • Maintains audit trail of every presentation downloaded and presented, and tracks who has downloaded the new version.
  • Easily updatable – Updating a slide just once updates every future presentation
  • Intuitive – Decks are easy to create, modify, and download. Speakers can create content on their phones, tablets or laptops and access them anywhere

Equally important, speakers can tailor content to their specific audience’s needs to create more engaging slide presentations that feel more like grand rounds and less like an off-the-shelf presentation.

Presentation Manager can be integrated seamlessly with existing systems (such as your existing speaker portal).


How Administrators Get Started with Presentation Manager:

  1. Create your slide library, with core slides and optional slide groups (e.g., on disease etiology, epidemiology, mechanism of action, emotional cost of disease burden, phase 3 data, patient cases, subpopulation data, pharmacy information, patient savings information, fair balance, etc.)
  2. Determine your business rules: Work with your ad prom/MRL to determine mandatory slides (e.g., fair balance, phase 3 data, etc.) and business rules such as:
    1. Required order of certain content;
    2. Limits to number of patient cases presented; and/or
    3. Maximum number of slides.

In short, if you can come up with the business rule, we can build it into your Presentation Manager.

  1. Provide us with your slides and business rules: As soon as we receive your final approved deck and business rules, we’ll go to work implementing your rules and training your staff and speakers.  In a couple of weeks your presenters are ready to start creating compliant presentations!               


How Speakers Get Started with Presentation Manager:

When speakers are ready to create their presentations they simply:

  1. Log in to the system – We can set up single-sign-on so speakers can enter Presentation Manager without a new username and password or can come in through a speaker portal.
  2. Select slides they want (or download a previously created deck). If any slides are tied to others, one click brings in all the other related slides (e.g., Click one patient case slide for Joan, a 64-year-old female, and all three of Joan’s slides populate the presentation in addition to the mandatory slides).
  3. Preview, modify (if desired), and download.


As the administrator, you will be able to track:

  • who has downloaded new slides and who has not,
  • which slides are most used and which slides are rarely used, and
  • how speakers rate individual slides.

You can rest assured that all presentations will contain consistently branded, compliant, and  up-to-date content.


Example of Presentation Manager Functionality:

  • Details on each presentation: speaker, event, title, date
  • Convenient archive of each speaker’s past presentations for ready access


Implementation Services Accompanying Presentation Manager:

  • We use your branding and colors to customize the layout design
  • We set up and manage administrative rights to control access and privileges of administrators and speakers
  • We upload and test your slides and business rules and provide dedicated Level 2 client support


Contact us for a demonstration or to get more information about Presentation Manager!