Presentation Manager

Allow your speakers to tailor compliant content to your audiences

With Presentation Manager your speakers and sales reps can create customized slide decks appropriate for each of their audiences.

Take the case of a presentation on GI, with Presentation Manager, the speaker can create a slide deck that presents the case of 80-year-old John to gerontology professionals and a slide deck that instead presents the case of forty-year-old Mary to Women’s health specialists. Both audiences treat GI, but your speaker has now given a more compelling presentation with the ability to create a unique slide deck per audience.

The Presentation Manager allows you to:

  • Track slide presentations per event
  • Update slide content immediately
  • Ensure consistent message, branding, and identity
  • Monitor slide utilization, common questions, and ratings.

Presentation Manager can integrate with your existing systems to give you benefits like SSO. And the flexibility of our system can increase speaker enthusiasm, audience engagement, likelihood of attendance and more.

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