Speaker Event Management

Administer logistics, permissions and training

Our multi-brand speaker training portal allows you to train your speakers within each brand. Our event management package includes project management, client communications, web service testing, interface with the A/V vendor, and the development and editing of modules.

Our Speaker Event Portal is a customizable online portal to streamline everything in requesting, approval, booking and closeout of Peer to Peer programs.

Some quick benefits:

  • Each speaker will be trained on the use of the portal and how to deliver slides from each desk
  • Content will live online and be accessible on-demand to your speakers

ExtendMed will also help you track training, certify trained speakers, and facilitate training reminder updates to speakers and progress reports to clients on speaker training status.

So, how does it work? Here’s the workflow:

  • Speaker nomination, profile management & contracting – EM will handle invitations, contracting with your FMV, support of tax documents and speaker contact information/bio
  • Speaker training –  EM will handle compliance training, track onsite participation and on-demand training/review
  • Event Management – EM will handle the event request with speaker, venue confirmation, registration of your users, attendance management, expense reporting/honoraria payments and closeout
  • Reporting – EM can provide reports to differentiate between nominated, contracted, and trained speakers, number of events per deck and event summaries

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