What Value Are You Leaving on the Table from Your KOLs?

Interested in learning about how to better engage thought leaders, more consistently?

Philadelphia —The 7th KOL/Thought Leader Engagement & Advisory Boards Summit will give attendees a chance to learn about the above topics on June 15-16 in Philadephia, PA. Come to the conference to network, learn and prepare your company for interacting with physician KOLs and thought leaders. ExtendMed is excited to announce that our Vice President of Business Development, Pharmaceuticals, Jeremy Vannatta and President and CEO, Amy Ravi will be keynote speakers at the conference.

Vannatta will join Natalia Borinshteyn, M.D., Ph.D. and Jenny Choi, PharmD, associate medical director of Biogen in a June 15th Session. The panel, titled Use of Alternative Stakeholders in Advisory Boards to Enhance Insights, will explore the the following themes:

  • Explore the shift away from the term “Key Opinion Leader,” analyze its negative connotations and pinpoint alternatives that allow for additional perspectives
  • Discuss the use of payers and patients in advisory boards and how their insights can be used to develop a treatment strategy agreed upon by all stakeholders
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of leadership positions — such as the medical director and partnerships team — in driving the advisory board

On June 16th, Ravi will share ExtendMed’s experience navigating the pharmaceutical industry, engaging KOLs and providing educational tools for KOLs. Her talk, titled “Using Technology to Increase KOL Engagement Consistency and Purpose” will focus on three main objectives:

  • Shift your strategy from KOL events to annual engagement plans
  • Align your process to support your KOL strategy, including: contracts, communications, compliance, KPIs
  • Determine what technology tools can help you achieve your engagement goals within your budget

To register, please visit the ExL Events registration page.