Integrating a Deeper Understanding of Your Stakeholders into Your Product's Life Cycle for Better Outcomes

Learn how pharma teams can step up their stakeholder engagement in 2023.

Watch Amy Ravi, Vikas Wadhwa, and Ness Baagil discuss how to engage varied stakeholder groups in ways that promote productive, trusting partnerships, resulting in better products.

Learn approaches your company can take to integrate stakeholder feedback into product research, development, and commercialization, including:

  1. Implementing a continuous process for gathering stakeholder insights;
  2. Creating a patient engagement channel to include their voice at every step;
  3. Considering including broader care team members;
  4. Measuring the benefits of a continuous process;
  5. And closing the loop with advisors and sharing perspectives across communities.

We partner with hundreds of pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies to engage KOLs more efficiently.

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Learn more about our speakers.

Amy Ravi leads ExtendMed, a healthcare technology consulting company that engages healthcare stakeholders via its virtual platform and helps clients act on the expert insights collected.

Prior to founding ExtendMed, Amy came from a hospital network setting, previously serving as director of corporate information at Rush University Medical Center. She graduated from Carleton College with a psychology degree and began her career as a sleep researcher studying the role that dreams play in managing depression. While at Rush, Amy earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Amy has also held an appointment on the graduate faculty of the School of Health Sciences at Rush University in Chicago and currently guest lectures at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management on business leadership. She is a Springboard alumna and HBA member.

Amy Ravi

Amy Ravi, President and CEO, ExtendMed

After graduating with a double major in economics and physics from the University of Chicago, Vikas Wadhwa applied his knowledge of mathematics and science to data analysis, development, consulting, and video production work.

Today, he uses these skills to lead his own technology company and serve as ExtendMed’s Chief Technology Officer.

Vikas Wadhwa

Vikas Wadhwa, Chief Technology Officer, ExtendMed

Ness is an accomplished project manager with a proven record of developing relationships, managing projects from concept to completion and building educational strategies.

She has the ability to apply a systems approach to customer engagement tactics. She likes to analyze stakeholder insights to advance new treatments.

Ness Baagil

Ness Baagil, Program Manager, ExtendMed

Do you have deep working relationships with stakeholders?

The traditional approach to stakeholder engagement is fraught with limitations.

Infrequent, brief, expensive, formal engagements often take months to plan, and leave little time to address multiple problems or develop rapport.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way anymore.

With advances in technology, timely, cost-affective, convenient, synchronous and asynchronous methods of engagement are available.

These provide opportunities to meet more frequently with KOLs, develop community among stakeholder groups, and gather a greater volume of insights throughout your product lifecycle.

Your playbook to better stakeholder engagement.

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Use the new model to maximize your expert engagements.

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Build trust with stakeholders and gather critical insights.

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