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"Having supported many teams in healthcare and the life sciences, we can share insights from successful strategies and practical solutions that have worked for others.

No matter where our discussion takes us, you’ll leave with clear, actionable takeaways that inform decisions and move you forward. There's so much we can show you; don't hesitate to get the conversation started."

— Amy Ravi, CEO and President, ExtendMed

Here are just some of the topics we can cover.
  • Answering your questions about what's possible with our platform.
  • The challenges you're experiencing in engaging with HCPs, patients, and other KOLs and stakeholders.
  • Your frustrations with current tools or service partners.
  • How ExtendMed compares to similar tools and services.
  • Specific ExtendMed solutions that align with your goals.
  • Case studies from our client engagements and best practices in digital or hybrid engagement.
  • Opportunities for leveraging ExtendMed’s platform and services to achieve greater impact and efficiency.

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See our platform in action

Wondering what our demos are like? Watch the example below, where our President and CEO, Amy Ravi, walks through our speaker program capabilities. This is just one of many solutions our platform offers. Use the form on this page to let us know what you want to see.

Our Solutions—At a Glance


Support rich expert discussion and debate within a secure online network. Host a virtual ad board, a steering committee or a clinical study update meeting for participating sites around the globe.

Advisor engagement and speaker bureau solutions:
  • Streamlined pre-meeting planning and setup
  • Strict adherence to production scheduled with tight budget management
  • Website setup with custom branding
  • Invitation and RSVP management with personalization and calendar integration
  • Speaker prep and logistics rehearsal
  • Participant pre-meeting technical system checks
  • Professional meeting facilitation and dedicated technical support
  • Post-meeting reporting and artificial intelligence analysis of key themes / critical perspectives
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Leverage educational content across regions, professions and specialties. Manage faculty, curricula, multimedia, content and certification in one platform.

Advisor engagement and speaker bureau solutions:
  • Provide resources to users and engage in ongoing discussion boards
  • Test participant knowledge or gain feedback about materials embedded in a questionnaire or posted in a resource center
  • Send reminders for required assessments or reach out privately to follow up on a discussion comment
  • Manage curriculum with portfolio planning, needs assessment and outcome evaluation
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Track how many participants have engaged in each of your activities in your portal through a simple reporting dashboard.

Advisor engagement and speaker bureau solutions:
  • Speaker contracting and aggregate spend tracking
  • Speaker training and presentation building
  • Speaker profiles and event planning
  • Automated email alerts to attendees for logistical updates and post-event evaluation questionnaire
  • Speaker ratings from sales representatives and attendees
  • Program closeout in compliance with Sunshine reporting regulations
  • Dedicated technical and content support
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We've helped hundreds of organizations advance patient care with more efficient systems for engaging their experts and moving products forward.


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ExtendMed gave me wonderful support in running this program, once again. It is so helpful to have a reliable technology partner for our virtual peer-to-peer programs (aka speaker programs with bureau). They reached out before the program to ask whether I had questions, during the program to make sure everything was running smoothly and after the program to make it easy for me to close out attendance and expenses, online.

Bridget Tygh
Territory Business Manager, Nabriva Therapeutics
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In 25 years of working with vendors, ExtendMed stands at the top of the list. How so? They're strategic partners, arming my staff with vital statistics and sharing their experience and ideas for the future. They're nimble. We've had to change course in our work together. They've anticipated issues, recommended new directions and implemented our decisions efficiently. They understand our business. ExtendMed provides us with instructional design and marketing support and they communicate stepwise progress towards attaining our goals.

Jaime Arvizu
Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs, North America. Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.
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I’ve really never seen a vendor so open and willing to help out on any front.

Beth Welch
Representing the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Work with a partner that gets results.

Since 2000, we’ve been helping leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotech and device industries—as well as medical communications agencies, research and education organizations—deliver the efficiencies and capabilities they need to focus on the work that matters most. Are you next?

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A pharmaceutical company needed timely and frequent feedback from a panel of KOLs around the creation of a patient database to collect real-world data post-product launch.

ExtendMed saved them more than 200 hours by shifting away from traditional meetings. Our platform cut the cost of soliciting the perspectives of these thought leaders by two-thirds.

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A top 20 multinational pharmaceutical company needed to reduce costs and increase communication effectiveness across active trial sites, from trial start to completion, in line with protocol requirements.

ExtendMed achieved over 80% site participation in these virtual meetings, shrunk participant commitment from days to 60 minutes and the planning process from six months to two. Cost savings were reported at 66% versus a traditional face-to-face event. Internal staff reduced planning time by half and evaluations remained as strong as in-person events.

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A mid-size pharmaceutical company lacked marketing focus and wanted to use a group of KOLs to assess their marketing strategy.

Using ExtendMed to streamline market testing between external experts and the commercial team, the company began monthly outreach to build stronger specialist relationships, differentiated its position in a competitive market, and enabled clinical experts to provide feedback at their convenience—better noting the actions taken from their input.

How long are you going to wait to solicit better insights across your programs?

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