Maximize the frequency and value of your advisory board interactions at a third of the cost of traditional approaches.

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform is a comprehensive, compliant platform for engaging healthcare stakeholders via virtual advisory boards and enabling their insights to guide efficient planning and action.

Need a better approach to soliciting insights and engagement?

Many pharma teams struggle to interact with experts, manage those interactions and handle their reporting needs. They don’t have a modern KOL and HCP engagement strategy, much less a technology platform to manage and execute that strategy from one place.

Failing to bring experts together to share their insights can jeopardize your mission—whether it’s advancing clinical research or bringing your products to market.

Today, pharma teams are discovering just how much more efficient they can be—and how many more rich insights they can generate—by incorporating virtual ad boards into their engagement program, either partially or entirely.

Common advisory board challenges:

  • Inability to get timely access to answers
  • Difficulty building relationships with experts due to inefficient coordination
  • Difficulty setting up events due to them being taxing and expensive
  • Difficulty getting KOLs and other stakeholders to join and engage
  • Difficulty surfacing key themes across meeting transcripts, emails, physical notes, survey data and other information stores

ExtendMed simplifies and strengthens your expert engagement and medical education workflow.

We partner with pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare communications companies to transition teams to a modern, digitally-enabled advisory board program.

Graduate from siloed tools and infrequent, in-person-only engagements by centralizing logistics management among your team, enabling synchronous and asynchronous digital engagement motions and increasing the frequency and quality of your advisory board engagements.

We don’t just build technology solutions—ExtendMed has years of experience working with pharmaceutical industry partners to provide recommendations that lower costs and improve efficiencies across your engagement programs. Partner with us when you’re ready to take thought leader engagement to the next level.

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We feel your team does the best job out of any vendor we have used for virtual advisory boards."
Vice President, Group Account Director
Global Medical Communications Firm
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Key benefits and differentiators:
Virtual Advisory Boards

Synchronous and asynchronous engagements

ExtendMed differentiates itself from other platforms by supporting both synchronous and asynchronous interactions—from curated, live or virtual meetings with interactive features to asynchronous surveys and discussion boards.

Collaborate internally

Conveniently share insights among your internal team in real time.

Data reporting

Report across engagements to track participation, summarize insights in executive briefs and transcripts and manage accounting and payments.

Curated tools for HCP engagement

Get an entire toolbox for engaging HCPs and other stakeholders via onsite meetings, online discussions, surveys, quizzes and online resource sharing.


Show engagement, awareness, perceptions and behavior over time, rather than only as a “snapshot” (all while integrating with tools like Veeva).

All the tools and support you need to facilitate modern, productive, virtual advisory boards—and more.


Build collaborative relationships with community pages

Enable stakeholders to learn about each other by sharing bios, patient cases, communications and more.

Integrated virtual and onsite meetings offer synchronous engagement

ExtendMed choreographs and supports the logistics of your planned events with the right balance of audience interactivity and content sharing.


Enhance creative engagement with whiteboards

Roleplay and collaborate to solve a business challenge or draft a tactical plan and provide visuals to support discussion and consensus.

Reveal stakeholder insights and obstacles with discussion boards

Target specific community members for comment, solicit insights on various planned topics, support threaded discussion and conversation between peers and cultivate stakeholder relationships and loyalty.


Support quantitative analysis with questionnaires

Administer questionnaires, assessments and quizzes to any healthcare stakeholder audience.

Create stakeholder profiles

Our profiles measure how frequently engagement moves the needle in terms of HCP perceptions and behaviors over time.


Value-added engagement capabilities and services

In addition to helping you move to a virtual advisory board model, we deliver a variety of logistical and knowledge-based value-adds.

For example, in addition to recording and transcribing meetings, we go a step further to apply AI in analyzing output from individual sessions and across them. This helps teams save time with simple tasks like notetaking and perform more advanced knowledge-gathering, such as revealing common themes across multiple discussions that could directly inform product marketing and positioning.

Talk to us to learn how teams like yours use ExtendMed's analysis capabilities in creative and interesting ways to improve their workflows and engagement output.


Track documents and payments from a single place.

Manage contracts, track required documentation for your stakeholders and report Sunshine payments without system-switching.


Open a variety of modern engagement channels.

Collect insights from questionnaires, online discussions, focus groups and virtual or onsite engagements.


Generate productive relationships with more stakeholders.

Build lasting relationships with your KOLs and PIs, as well as mid-levels, mixed care teams and other stakeholder groups.


Extract key themes and act on them.

Analyze outcomes and share data with existing systems (e.g., Veeva, Concur and Salesforce).


Number of touchpoints with key stakeholders


Savings vs alternatives that require travel

<2 months

Average cycle time for program planning and execution

See our platform in action.

See how our Health Expert Connect platform can help you better engage with your healthcare stakeholders.

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Let's work together to:

Support rich expert discussion and insightful debate within our secure online network.
Leverage educational content across regions, professions and specialties—and manage faculty, curricula, multimedia, content and certification in one platform.
Track participant engagement in each of your activities through a simple reporting dashboard.
How to get started with ExtendMed

Achieving better expert interactions is as easy as:

Step 1

Schedule a call with our team. We’ll discuss your goals, pain points and how our prebuilt and fully customizable platform can support your business needs.

Step 2

Get a personalized demo of our platform and our white glove services. If we’re a fit, we’ll work closely with your team to craft and deliver successful programs.

Step 3

Save time planning, organizing and facilitating productive interactions—harvest deeper insights from experts and quickly deliver useful information and actionable updates to stakeholders.

How long are you going to wait to solicit better insights across your advisory board programs?

Let’s talk about how we can help you deliver better insights and make better decisions with fewer logistical headaches.

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"We're a medical communications agency—can we hire you?" Absolutely! We support agencies to engage their clients’ essential HCP audiences.

Want to learn more about virtual advisory boards and how they offer a better, faster and more cost-effective way to engage your healthcare stakeholders? Read our starter guide, "The Top 9 Reasons to Host Virtual Advisory Boards."