Manage every step in hosting successful speaker programs—all from a single place.

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect platform centralizes your speaker program needs in one easy-to-use, compliant system—the same system pharma teams use to engage with advisors, investigators, congress attendees and practitioners.

Need a better way to manage your speaker programs?

Pharma teams are constantly slowed down by a mountain of administrative and tactical work targeting different stakeholders without a singular tool for getting it done efficiently. 

And without a centralized management system, teams struggle to track the effectiveness of their speakers, the educational messages they’re delivering and the success of their speaker programs.

Common speaker program challenges:

  • Disparate tools and processes make scheduling, speaker training, event planning, logistics and expense management time-consuming.

  • Teams struggle to gauge the success of their speakers—and by extension, the effectiveness of their programs.

  • Every management motion is manual work, which is inefficient and not measurable.

Whether you’re planning a live, hybrid or virtual speaker program, ExtendMed can organize the logistics of your promotional education programs and measure their effectiveness.

ExtendMed partners with pharmaceutical, biotech and medical communications companies to manage their speaker programs all at a fraction of the cost of a typical management workflow.

Graduate from siloed spreadsheets and calendar events, and centralize logistics management among your team, saving time while enhancing the quality of your speaker programs.

We don’t just build technology solutions—ExtendMed has years of experience working with pharmaceutical industry partners to provide you with recommendations that lower costs and improve efficiencies across your live, hybrid and virtual speaker programs. Partner with us when you’re ready to take your speaker programs to the next level.

See our platform in action.

See how our Health Expert Connect systematizes the event management of live, hybrid and virtual speaker programs so stakeholders can easily create and manage events, recruit and register attendees, view upcoming speaker engagements and access presentation files, track expenses and share detailed reporting and ROI analysis. 

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ExtendMed gave me wonderful support once again. It is so great to have such an experienced partner conducting our speaker programs. Amy reached out before the program for any needs, during the program to make sure everything was going well, and after the program to make it easy for me to close out the paperwork.”
Sales Representative
Primary Care-focused Biopharmaceutical Company
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There was a significant jump in our product's script writing from attendees observed in the weeks following the product launch webcast. That shows the event was effective in boosting sales."
Executive Director, Sales Operations
Dermatology-focused Pharmaceutical Company
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Ready for a personalized, one-on-one demo?

We support your entire speaker process.


  • Manage projects efficiently with robust project management tools.
  • Map and manage HCP journeys effectively.
  • Seamlessly integrate technology for streamlined operations.
  • Conduct aggregate spend reviews and generate detailed reports.
  • Create and track speaker profiles and contracts efficiently.
  • Provide comprehensive speaker training, manage payments and handle accounting.
  • Send personalized program invitations through email and print.


  • Perform technical checks and set up equipment and software before events.
  • Engage audiences thoughtfully to maximize interaction and participation.
  • Facilitate online sign-ins for easy attendee registration.
  • Confirm NPI for relevant US audiences to ensure compliance.
  • Segment attendees by territory or region for targeted engagement.


  • Account for speaker honoraria and expenses accurately.
  • Develop and execute evaluation forms to gather participant feedback.
  • Perform post-program reconciliation to ensure all data and finances are accurate.
  • Report aggregate spend to maintain compliance and transparency. 

How we run speaker programs differently

Live, hybrid and virtual content

Other platforms only support virtual programs. Our platform supports all processes and players involved in both in-person and virtual event production. Use your event data further to engage audiences with educational videos and other field resources via our platform.

Easy scheduling

Let representatives request preferred times, venues and speakers—then the project manager coordinates all of the details.

More engagement

Integrated polling, live Q&A tracking and FAQ follow-up, as well as post-event quizzes and evaluations.

Close the loop

Develop follow-up processes based on demonstrated learning, send automated thank you emails and text messages and link to a field appointment tool or sample request site.

Full integration

Integration with existing systems like Veeva, Concur and Salesforce for seamless workflow.

Better online outreach

Use our ”reach global, host local” approach to leverage top-tier speakers efficiently for virtual events.

Engage your targets before, during and after the program.


Registration hook

Ask your audience for speaker questions during registration, review questions to ensure compliance and create video FAQs to share with participants.

In-meeting polling and whiteboard

Share a QR code with in-room audiences to join a poll from their phone and use online whiteboards to conduct discussions with participants.

Evaluation and sales follow-up

Share a quick quiz to measure learning, ask for feedback about the program from your audience, and offer sales follow-ups or sample requests.

Everything you need to manage your speaker programs with ease.


Create projects with your team

  • Differentiate tactics and define budget
  • Allocate activities across territories
  • Identify speakers and venues
  • Load target HCPs

Add speakers and contracts—administer training

  • Bios, preferences and contact information
  • Integration with Docusign to complete contracts and tax documents
  • Sunshine reporting and easy expenses management
  • Fair Market Value
  • Compliance, content and 
    speaker training

Request and set up activity

  • Field force requests events, speakers and venues
  • Confirmation and approval processes
  • Compliance requirements per event type
  • Recruitment by territory
  • Printable invitations and attendance sheets
  • Email and text reminders
  • Calendar integration

Manage financials and closeout activities

  • Add activity budget line items such as speaker honoraria and food and beverage
  • Assign expenses to activity
  • Upload receipts; ensure adherence to requirements
  • Confirm activity completion

Enter payments and generate reports

  • Associate payment with one or many expenses
  • Record payment method and recipient
  • Track target audience participation across activities
  • Summarize venue and honoraria payments across programs
  • Review outcomes in terms of participation, cost, learnings and Rx uptake

Enable your field force to manage events from a centralized dashboard.

One-click invitation distribution, territory user status, printable invitations and attendance sheets with easy closeout.


Customized communications and calendar integration.

Make sure participants know what to do and when with email and text communication templates and easy field-level distribution and tracking.


Automate approval steps in line with your SOPs.

Your standard operating procedures and required approval steps are customized and automated—from event request to speaker honorarium payment.


Dashboards show metrics and alerts at a glance.

Measure speaker utilization, ratings, representative recruitment success, education outcomes and their impact on patient care.

Let's work together to:

Improve the logistics and communication processes for organizing and facilitating your speaker programs.
Successfully execute your speaker programs on schedule and within budget.
Save time managing administrative tasks, such as maintaining adherence to compliance policies, booking venues and speakers, managing travel details, closeout and more.
How to get started with ExtendMed

Executing successful speaker programs that drive behavior change is as easy as:

Step 1

Schedule a call with our team. We’ll discuss your goals, pain points and how our platform can support your business needs.

Step 2

Get a personalized demo of our platform and our white glove services. If we’re a fit, we’ll work closely with your team to craft and deliver successful programs.

Step 3

You save time (and your budget) by planning, organizing and facilitating productive engagements on our platform vs disparate, inefficient tools.

How long are you going to wait to centralize and strengthen your processes? Let’s talk about how ExtendMed can help you improve the management of your live, hybrid and virtual speaker programs.

"We're a medical communications agency—can we hire you?" Absolutely! We support agencies to engage their clients’ essential HCP audiences.

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