Optimize your congress event management and enhance communication at a fraction of traditional costs.

ExtendMed's Health Expert Connect™ platform offers a comprehensive, compliant solution for managing congress planning, onsite events, 1:1 meetings and presentations—optimizing the value of your KOL interactions and sharing their insights effectively.

Facing challenges in organizing congresses and managing communications?

Pharma teams often struggle with consolidating expert lists, coordinating schedules, planning dinner events, documenting/sharing insights and handling expense reporting.

Without a unified approach to congress planning, communication can become disorganized and inefficient, hindering your mission to advance clinical research and promote your products.

Common congress planning challenges:

  • Managing multiple lists of target HCPs (from clinical trials, CRM databases and booth visits).
  • Inefficient scheduling of meetings and dinners.
  • Cumbersome tracking of communications and expenses.
  • Difficulty sharing real-time insights with the rest of your team.

ExtendMed strengthens your congress planning and communication workflow.

We collaborate with pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare communications companies to centralize and simplify congress planning and execution. Our platform offers the tools you need to manage logistics, encourage stakeholder engagement and increase the efficiency and quality of your congress planning efforts.

With years of experience working with industry partners in healthcare, we provide recommendations to lower costs and improve efficiencies across your engagement programs. Partner with us when you’re ready to elevate your congress planning experience.

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ExtendMed gave me wonderful support in running this program, once again. It is so helpful to have a reliable technology partner for our virtual peer-to-peer programs (aka speaker programs with bureau). They reached out before the program to ask whether I had questions, during the program to make sure everything was running smoothly and after the program to make it easy for me to close out attendance and expenses, online.”
Bridget Tygh, Territory Business Manager
Nabriva Therapeutics
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All the tools and support you need to streamline congress planning and enhance communication.


Data-driven HCP user management

Efficiently consolidate and manage multiple lists of healthcare professionals, ensuring a smooth event invitation process.

Integrated scheduling and communication

Simplify the scheduling process with Calendly integration, enhance communication with automated reminders via email, text and WhatsApp, and calendar appointments for 1:1 meetings, poster sessions, presentations and dinner events.


Real-time attendance tracking and insights reporting

Monitor event participation, track check-ins and attendance and summarize valuable insights in real time with recorded transcripts, survey results and active discussion board summaries.

Streamlined compliance and expense management

Efficiently manage Sunshine reporting and expense management with our platform's integrated features, such as evenly distributing group meal expenses among attendees.


Customizable platform and dedicated support

Collaborate with our team to tailor the platform to your needs and receive ongoing support for a seamless user experience.

Value-added engagement capabilities and services

In addition to streamlining your congress planning process, we provide various value-added services to enhance your workflow and engagement output further. Our platform's powerful features—such as KOL appointment scheduling, planning and hosting dinner events and obtaining real-time feedback on study results presented in poster sessions and presentations—save you time, facilitate knowledge gathering and provide valuable insights to inform your product marketing and positioning strategies.

Talk to us to learn how teams like yours use these analysis capabilities in creative and interesting ways to improve their workflows and engagement output.

Maximize internal team engagement at congress events.

Use internal resource management tools to optimize your team's efficiency at congresses, ensuring everyone attends key sessions or stakeholder meetings and maximizes their time (and investment) at events.

Streamline logistics and automate key processes.

Utilize a comprehensive logistics system to automate event processes, from sending segmented invitations at scale to managing bookings and tracking attendance. Manage all your congress communications and organization from a single platform.

Build and strengthen productive relationships with stakeholders.

Leverage congresses to build and maintain lasting relationships with KOLs, PIs and other stakeholders. Focus on segmentation and prioritization to target key contacts and enhance connections through face-to-face meetings and events.

Collect congress insights and analyze results through modern channels.

Use tools like QR codes for real-time feedback on poster sessions and presentations. Record and transcribe meetings to analyze outcomes and integrate insights with existing systems like CRMs for effective follow-up and continued conversations.

Share event insights and collaborate across the team.

Streamline the process of documenting and sharing insights with your internal team in real time while at events. Enhance collaboration and follow-up by integrating insights with existing systems and facilitating meaningful conversations with key stakeholders.

See our platform in action.

Discover how our Health Expert Connect™ platform streamlines congress planning and management, enabling stakeholders to efficiently create and manage events, recruit and register attendees, access presentation files, track expenses and share detailed reporting and ROI analysis.

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Enhance logistics and communication processes for organizing and facilitating your congress planning.
Successfully execute your congress events on schedule and within budget.
Save time managing administrative tasks, such as maintaining adherence to compliance policies, booking venues and speakers, managing travel details, closeout, and more.
Document and share real-time insights with the rest of your internal team.
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