Establish or elevate your journal clubs with a digital hub for sharing and discussing the latest in medical literature and updates.

ExtendMed's Health Expert Connect™ platform is a modern solution for journal clubs, enabling seamless sharing of articles, videos, posters and podcasts and fostering engaging discussions among peers.

Do you have a centralized platform for your journal club, or are you missing out on the collaborative potential of sharing and discussing the latest medical insights?

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform is perfect for facilitating modern journal clubs, allowing members to share articles, congress posters, videos and podcast episodes online—and then engage in discussion with peers.

Gamify the experience with questionnaires and quizzes, all while having your medical team curate and moderate the content.

These digital journal clubs are especially beneficial during prelaunch phases or annual congresses, helping teams navigate vast amounts of information. They serve as a continuous learning platform for HCPs and internal teams, keeping everyone updated on the latest clinical trials, news and market competition.

And with everything hosted on Health Expert Connect™, you'll never lose track of vital articles or discussions. Our resource center repository ensures all content is easily accessible, anytime, from any device.

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Keep HCPs and internal teams updated on the latest clinical trials, news and market insights.
Eliminate the hassle of lost articles and ensure easy access to all content with our resource center repository.
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It's a fantastic platform to learn. The best part about participating, being an academic rheumatologist, I always want to hear what my colleagues in community practice are doing. What are their challenges, and how do they circumvent them? It has informed my daily practice."

Associate Professor of Medicine, Academic Clinician
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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I enjoy reading and giving comments to the bright contributions from my peers. I'm not sure that there's any forum worldwide with this many practitioners that have a vested interest in the disease state. Everything that is put out there is worth a lot."

Rheumatologist, Immunologist​
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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Being part of this community was great for me. I work in a very small practice, so talking to other nurses in my same shoes and learning how they handle different situations was awesome. I picked up great ideas that make such a change in patients' lives."

Infusion Nurse
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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