Streamline your manuscript creation process with dynamic, real-time collaboration for impactful FDA presubmissions and publications.

ExtendMed's Health Expert Connect™ platform radically improves how investigators, advisors and medical affairs teams collaborate on manuscripts. Our platform accelerates the manuscript development process with features designed for both asynchronous feedback and real-time collaboration, ensuring a comprehensive and expertly crafted submission.

How are you ensuring efficient collaboration among diverse teams while maintaining the integrity and quality of manuscripts for critical submissions?

Leverage the power of our secure, compliant platform to share complex information like clinical trial results among investigators, enhancing the efficiency of manuscript creation for FDA presubmissions and publications.

Our Health Expert Connect™ platform radically enhances the development of manuscripts for audiences like the FDA and medical journals by facilitating efficient and dynamic collaboration among investigators, advisors, medical affairs teams and other collaborators. Contributors can collaborate and provide feedback on their own time through asynchronous commenting features or facilitate real-time collaboration through synchronous features.

This cooperative process reduces the time to create manuscripts and enriches the final product with diverse expertise. Our dynamic document development system allows real-time edits, reviews and approvals before submission. Collaboration via our platform enables teams to increase process efficiency and ensures manuscripts align with the unique requirements of the submission.

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Reduce the time it takes to develop manuscripts by leveraging real-time editing and review capabilities.
Ensure that every manuscript aligns with the specific requirements of the submission, be it for the FDA or medical journals.
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It's a fantastic platform to learn. The best part about participating, being an academic rheumatologist, I always want to hear what my colleagues in community practice are doing. What are their challenges, and how do they circumvent them? It has informed my daily practice."

Associate Professor of Medicine, Academic Clinician
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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I enjoy reading and giving comments to the bright contributions from my peers. I'm not sure that there's any forum worldwide with this many practitioners that have a vested interest in the disease state. Everything that is put out there is worth a lot."

Rheumatologist, Immunologist​
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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Being part of this community was great for me. I work in a very small practice, so talking to other nurses in my same shoes and learning how they handle different situations was awesome. I picked up great ideas that make such a change in patients' lives."

Infusion Nurse
Health Expert Connect™ advisor
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