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By ExtendMed on December 17, 2021

Case Study: Multinational Steering Committee


A pharmaceutical company needed timely and frequent feedback from a panel of KOLs around the creation of a patient database to collect real world data post-pharmaceutical launch.Their small team of KOLs were across four time zones in three countries so regular meetings (in person or virtual) were prohibitive from a time and cost perspective.


The company took advantage of Health Expert Connect’s slate of engagement tools to keep the steering committee actively involved with the development process.

Questionnaires were used to gather consensus around variable fields, diagnostic tests, and definitions while discussion forums were use to elicit feedback around the database protocol and patient documentation.

After several months of feedback gathering, a virtual meeting was hosted where follow up questions could be posted to the group and further discussion promoted.

Later, individual screen-sharing meetings were hosted to observe clinicians entering patient data so that data gaps and necessary modifications could be proposed and implemented to streamline ease of use.


Steering committee members were able to provide feedback at a time and location that worked for them. Each interaction was assigned a finite time allotment so payment of consulting fees was streamlined.

Developers working on the database were able to get fast feedback and adjust the development pipeline accordingly. This helped to streamline the planning process prior to soliciting commitments from international sites.

In fewer than six months, the panel of experts was able to provide input on the best uses of the database, goals, protocol, site enrollment process, variable fields and values, patient consent, patient FAQ, and quality of life assessments.

The panel of five experts participated remotely from three countries and the company saw a time savings of more than 200 hours by shifting away from traditional meetings. Using the platform cut the cost of soliciting the perspectives of these thought leaders by 2/3.

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Published by ExtendMed December 17, 2021