Discover all the ways ExtendMed simplifies and strengthens your expert engagement and medical education workflow.

ExtendMed helps you connect, educate and train global healthcare stakeholders, facilitate rich discussions and save hours of administrative and logistical work on a simple, powerful expert engagement platform.


Virtual Advisory Boards

Many pharma teams struggle to interact with a full range of relevant healthcare stakeholders, manage those interactions and handle their reporting needs. They don’t have a modern, inclusive engagement strategy that includes traditional KOLs, other clinical professionals, payers, patients and caregivers, much less a technology platform to manage and execute that strategy from one place.

Health Expert Connect™ is a comprehensive, compliant platform for engaging healthcare stakeholders via virtual advisory boards and enabling their insights to guide efficient planning and action.

Graduate from siloed tools and infrequent, in-person-only engagements by centralizing logistics management among your team, enabling synchronous and asynchronous digital engagement and increasing the frequency and quality of your advisory board engagements.


Speaker Program Management

Without a centralized management system, teams struggle to track the effectiveness of their speakers, the educational messages they’re delivering and the success of their speaker programs in delivering their promotional education message.

Our Health Expert Connect™ platform centralizes your speaker program needs in one easy-to-use, compliant system—the same system pharma teams use to engage with advisors, investigators, congress attendees and practitioners.

Our platform is a powerful tool for the field force. Enable your teams to request new programs with the click of a button, request a preferred restaurant or MD office, invite HCPs in their territory and track responses in real-time while they’re working in the field. Our logistics support team can help train the speakers, book the event, manage speaker expenses and closeout, preparing required reports for CMS submission.

Whether you’re planning a live, hybrid or virtual speaker program, ExtendMed can organize the logistics of your promotional education programs and measure their effectiveness—all at a fraction of the cost of a typical management workflow.


Clinical Trial Site Training, Communications and Data Collection

Clinical trial sites often struggle with site onboarding and training, patient recruitment and retention, which can be major issues for healthcare companies.

The Health Expert Connect™ platform solves this problem by providing comprehensive training and support for clinical sites through virtual meetings and ongoing peer-based discussion boards. Our clinical engagements typically include three key components: initial training and education at the start of the trial, a patient retention meeting midway through the trial and a closing meeting to share study results and emphasize the importance of the site's role in the process.

Our platform is often leveraged as a complementary solution for companies working with CROs, enabling sites to conveniently check in and have formal virtual meetings with the company, as well as to raise questions and receive answers on an ongoing basis. 


Congress Planning

Navigate the logistics of U.S. and global congress and publication planning by streamlining the scheduling and management of 1:1 meetings with key healthcare professionals—all while ensuring important clinical studies are highlighted through poster sessions, product theater and satellite symposia.

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform facilitates knowledge transfer between internal teams by providing tools for recording and summarizing important takeaways from congress interactions. The platform enables targeted engagement of HCP influencers through personalized invitations via email, SMS messages and WhatsApp to schedule 1:1 meetings and to ensure symposia attendance. Our QR codes encourage and track HCP participation and engagement in poster sessions and other critical sessions.

With ExtendMed as your partner, you can effectively manage the complexities of congress planning and optimize engagement with HCPs to increase the impact of research and product education.


Market Access Strategy

Inform your market access strategy by facilitating virtual advisory boards and focus groups with key stakeholders in the insurance industry. ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform surfaces critical challenges faced by insurers when it comes to disease management and what new treatments are being sought and added to formularies.

By conducting market research early on, you can better understand the obstacles you may face when getting your product onto formularies and covered by insurance plans.

Our platform is also utilized to facilitate virtual advisory board sessions for engaging groups of stakeholders and gathering feedback on the current challenges in treating a particular disease and what they see as gaps in current treatments.

Additionally, our platform facilitates surveys as a source for pricing strategy discussions. With this information, you can more effectively prepare to engage insurers in the lead-up to product launches—maximizing the likelihood of coverage.


Patient Advocacy

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform provides a unique window into understanding patient perspectives early in the product lifecycle by involving patients in the development process.

Identify patient and caregiver pain points, treatment issues and resonant language—insights that are crucial for putting patient advocacy into practice through the development of patient education materials and other assets.

Host live webcasts and on-demand content for these patient education sessions and manage registration and follow-up resources for those who participate.


Market Testing

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform gives commercial teams a unique market testing channel to conveniently share collateral and other media with target audiences and receive real-time feedback. Test the resonance of your messaging, visual aids and other content with small or large market groups—all through a user-friendly digital engagement platform.

Use this valuable testing channel to make data-driven decisions about marketing strategies, ensuring that your message resonates with audiences based on qualitative and quantitative feedback gathered through marketing testing engagements.

Saving time and budget, our platform enables your team to test content in our controlled environment when you absolutely have to get it right at launch. 


Ad Hoc Engagements

Have a unique, one-off or timely engagement need? We know teams often face the challenge of coordinating and executing successful events to engage their target stakeholders in the healthcare and life sciences market. ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform offers expert support in reaching and engaging your desired audience.

Teams often call on us to execute broad-reaching brand awareness campaigns, product launch events, patient engagement events and congress-related events.

We have the systems and resources in place to help facilitate and execute a successful event, including providing camera and editing crews, live streaming and broadcasting events globally and coordinating CEO and other executive travel.

Trust that your event will be executed seamlessly and effectively to reach your target audience.


Journal Clubs

ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform is perfect for facilitating modern journal clubs, allowing members to share articles, congress posters, videos and podcast episodes online and then engage in discussion with peers.

Use questionnaires and quizzes to gamify and encourage participation, with a pharma client's medical team moderating and providing the content. The journal club can be particularly useful during prelaunch or annual congresses when there is a large amount of information to digest.

Journal clubs are also valuable for both contracted healthcare providers and internal client teams to keep each other educated on the latest clinical trial and news updates on their product, their disease category and competition entering the market.

Because the journal club is hosted on Health Expert Connect™, all content is managed in a resource center repository users can reference anytime—eliminating the problem of articles getting lost in emails.


White-labeled Engagement Platform

Medical communications agencies can utilize ExtendMed’s Health Expert Connect™ platform as a user-friendly, super-efficient and comprehensive solution for clients’ engagement needs.

We tailor each private platform instance to the specific needs of your clients and train your project managers and account teams to confidently use the platform.

Follow-up training sessions are offered for all platform updates to increase your revenue and help support your clients with new offerings and activities.

For the cost of a single full-time employee, you can efficiently manage your clients' annual activities and gain rich insights from key stakeholders to inform creative-strategic work.

The HEC™ platform centralizes logistics, communications and activities, saving countless hours. The platform is customizable and flexible to meet the unique needs of your agency and its clients.

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See how our Health Expert Connect™ platform simplifies and strengthens your expert engagement and medical education workflow.

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It's a fantastic platform to learn. The best part about participating, being an academic rheumatologist, I always want to hear what my colleagues in community practice are doing. What are their challenges, and how do they circumvent them? It has informed my daily practice.

I enjoy reading and giving comments to the bright contributions from my peers. I'm not sure that there's any forum worldwide with this many practitioners that have a vested interest in the disease state. Everything that is put out there is worth a lot.

Being part of this community was great for me. I work in a very small practice, so talking to other nurses in my same shoes and learning how they handle different situations was awesome. I picked up great ideas that make such a change in patients' lives.

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