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Our team partners with you to identify the most innovative and cost-effective way for you to meet your goals.

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Our experts can help you identify solutions to address any of the following needs:

  • Virtual advisory boards
  • Steering committee management
  • Congress and publication planning
  • Market research KOL insights, advice and feedback collections
  • Results reporting
  • Continuing medical education
  • Certification programs
  • Slide deck development and planning
  • Speaker management
  • Speaker training
  • Contract, time and expense management
  • Sunshine reporting

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About ExtendMed

In the complex continuum of medical product development, ExtendMed strives to build efficient systems for engaging experts to advance patient care. Offering secure community platforms for experts to collaborate in drafting manuscripts, distributing education, engaging study sites, training contracted speakers, managing approved slide decks and reporting Sunshine payments, ExtendMed’s solutions support a wide spectrum of life science clients—including pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, agencies, CROs and medical associations.

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