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By ExtendMed on December 17, 2021

Case Study: Support for Event Registration Sites


A medical communications agency required support for multiple simultaneous event registration sites, as well as expert virtual meetings to prepare content.

In addition, the agency wanted to eliminate its vendor coordination and expense for ARS but increase onsite meeting participant engagement (polling and evaluations). Finally, the agency hoped to better manage honoraria, payments, and contracts through a single system.


ExtendMed set up a private label platform for the agency to manage the following functions: a) content planning, b) virtual meetings, c) cross-event registration, d) expert contracting and payments, e) onsite meeting engagement, and f) outcomes review.


The agency demonstrated great efficiency in managing multiple client projects. They used Health Expert Connect to reduce vendor outsourcing, increase expert engagement, and produce better outcomes for their clients over the course of six months.

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Published by ExtendMed December 17, 2021