Feedback from Key Opinion Leaders keeps your business strategy and objectives moving forward.

Connecting with KOLs and making the most of their limited time is paramount. We understand that these relationships are ongoing and we make it easier for you to interact with your key customers and scientific partners.

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Our online portal is a cost effective, consistent, and meaningful way to engage KOLs and build lasting relationships.

By grouping your KOLs into communities around therapeutic area, geographic region, or targeted work (e.g., manuscript review), we can help you customize regular engagements where KOLs can participate in discussions, respond to questionnaires, review materials and provide feedback in a secure online environment.

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Our team of experts can partner with you to develop a branded virtual meeting experience. Our white glove service includes:

  • Streamlined pre-meeting planning and setup
  • ┬áStrict adherence to production scheduled with tight budget management
  • Website setup with custom branding
  • Invitation and RSVP management with personalization and calendar integration
  • Speaker prep and logistics rehearsal
  • Participant pre-meeting technical system checks
  • Professional meeting facilitation and dedicated technical support
  • Post meeting reporting

Whether you want to host a virtual ad board, a steering committee, or a clinical study update meeting for hundreds of participating sites around the globe, we have a hosted solution for you.