Leverage educational content across regions, professions, and specialties.

Manage faculty, curricula, multimedia, content, and certification in one platform.

Provide resources

Our platform enables you to provide resources to users and engage in ongoing discussion boards. The system supports threaded discussion and conversation between experts and participants, guided discussion on planned topics, and can target specific community members for comment.

Gather feedback.

Test participant knowledge or gain feedback about materials embedded in a questionnaire or posted in a resource center. The resource center supports a wide range of multimedia including: lectures, videos, articles, and other documents and can be segmented by resource type or topic as needed.

Send messages

Triggered, scheduled, and ad hoc emails allow you to send reminders to those who have not completed required assessments or reach out privately to follow up on a discussion comment.

Manage curriculum

Our curriculum management tools assist with portfolio planning, needs assessment, and outcome evaluation. You can build a single educational program or a series of programs, maintain an archive of completed programs, and award certificates as desired.