Research and Education

Help medical science liaisons and sales teams master skills or learn new ones virtually with our learning management system.

Our technology can bring your accredited curriculum or internal training to your audience so you can focus on outcomes. We have all the components you need to offer live or on-demand training, track participation, gather feedback, and issue certificates.

Virtual breakout rooms

Our conferencing software lets trainees roleplay and practice their selling techniques in live breakout rooms on the same platform that houses their training curriculum.

Dynamic PDFs

Sales teams can use our dynamic PDFs to communicate back and forth and provide feedback.

Live and on-demand sessions

Let employees learn at their own pace with live meetings and on-demand curriculum that tracks their progress.

Release updates

Keep your curriculum fresh by updating it with new competitor studies and manuscripts to make sure your MSLs and sales teams have the latest and greatest information at their fingertips.

Grant certificates

Set up a chronology of courses on our platform for continuing medical trainees to pursue a certificate of excellence

Gather insights

Capture learning data for reporting.

More than software

ExtendMed not only provides a centralized platform for pharma meetings, but also advice to help decrease costs and improve efficiency.

Premium support

Each client is assigned their own dedicated program manager to provide development, implementation, training, and follow-up support.

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Case Study: Video Content for a Pharmaceutical Company

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Case Study: Helping a Pharmaceutical Company Investigate Market Obstacles

KOL Management

Medical Content Support

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About ExtendMed

In the complex continuum of medical product development, ExtendMed strives to build efficient systems for engaging experts to advance patient care. Offering secure community platforms for experts to collaborate in drafting manuscripts, distributing education, engaging study sites, training contracted speakers, managing approved slide decks, and reporting Sunshine payments, ExtendMed’s solutions support a wide spectrum of life science clients—including pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, agencies, CROs, and medical associations.

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