Medical Content Support for Agencies

Host virtual ad boards and collect insights that inform medical education development.

Push your accounts to new levels by putting the content you’ve created in front of the right people at the right time. ExtendMed lets you focus on developing exceptional content and leaves the connection to us.

Synchronous, secure virtual meetings

We equip teams with a platform for virtual ad boards and focus groups to quickly and conveniently engage opinion leaders and patients across time zones, often for a fraction of the total cost of planning and hosting on-site meetings.

Asynchronous opinion leader and patient engagement

Asynchronous discussion boards allow you to keep the conversation going outside of meetings while surveys help you solicit feedback to identify next steps for developing continuing medical education for your clients.

View opinion leader engagement insights

Track and analyze data from your KOL engagements for reporting and continuous improvement.

Go beyond a transcript

ExtendMed doesn’t just record and transcribe meetings—it also applies AI to help you take notes, identify and gather insights for meeting summaries, and reveal common themes across multiple discussions.

Develop and distribute e-learning resources and training

Collaborate with opinion leaders to develop training courses, distribute resources, and track progress—all on ExtendMed’s learning management system (LMS).

E-Speaker presentation management tools

Centralize your physical and virtual logistics management for speaker engagements so you can focus your time and attention crafting excellent content.

Produce medical education videos

Quickly create videos of key ad board takeaways.

Manage expense and Sunshine reporting

Save time by managing your administrative tasks on a centralized platform.

More than software

ExtendMed not only provides a centralized platform for pharma meetings, but also expert advice and hands-on guidance to deploy best practices, further decrease costs, and maximize efficiency.

Premium support

Each client is assigned their own dedicated program manager to provide development, implementation, training, and follow-up support.

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Case Study: Host Content Development Roundtable for Medical Communications Agency in Preparation for Live CME Webcast


Case Study: Support for Event Registration Sites

KOL management

Research and Education

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About ExtendMed

In the complex continuum of medical product development, ExtendMed strives to build efficient systems for engaging experts to advance patient care. Offering secure community platforms for experts to collaborate in drafting manuscripts, distributing education, engaging study sites, training contracted speakers, managing approved slide decks, and reporting Sunshine payments, ExtendMed’s solutions support a wide spectrum of life science clients—including pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, agencies, CROs, and medical associations.

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