Understand market obstacles prior to launching with a new indication

A mid-size pharmaceutical company lacked focus from a marketing standpoint and wanted to use a group of KOLs to assess their marketing strategy.

Use Health Expert Connect to streamline market testing between external experts and the commercial team


A mid-size pharmaceutical company lacked experience in a new specialty area and wanted to use a group of clinical experts to evaluate their messaging within the new indication boundaries. One-on-one conversations were not proving to be efficient.


The pharmaceutical company’s internal therapeutic area team met on a monthly basis to identify target audiences and marketing tactics and then shared these with specialist advisors using Health Expert Connect’s robust discussion forum and survey modules. A dedicated ExtendMed project manager shared best practices and provided content management and analysis support in the community platform.


Monthly outreach provided opportunity to build stronger specialist relationships. The company differentiated its position in a competitive market. Clinical experts could provide feedback at their convenience, and better note the actions taken from their input.