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By ExtendMed on December 17, 2021

Case Study: Video Content for a Pharmaceutical Company


A large pharmaceutical company wanted to create a series of videos in a single therapeutic area to be housed on a microsite for HCPs. They were interested in repurposing an already existing microsite, rebranding some existing videos, and creating new video content.


ExtendMed created a new underlying architecture for the microsite and leveraged their in-house development team to build, test, and deploy the new site under tight time constraints.

The company external experts were used to generate content and ExtendMed coordinated on screen content creation, script review, and video production logistics for three video shoots.


Three medical education videos were created for submission to the Film Festival at the 2019 Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

An additional ten video segments across three topic areas were created for the microsite and for use by MSLs both externally, for clinician visits, and internally, for continuing training.

ExtendMed put analytics tracking in place to measure the client’s advertising through specialty journal channels and reported that as well as detailed usage tracking for the microsite on a monthly basis.

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Published by ExtendMed December 17, 2021