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By ExtendMed on December 17, 2021

Case Study: Host Content Development Roundtable for Medical Communications Agency in Preparation for Live CME Webcast


A medical communications agency was working with a pharmaceutical company to solicit feedback from KOLs to develop content for future medical education initiatives—at congresses and online.

They had a team of 10 faculty plus medical writers they needed to coordinate and wanted to save the time and expense of arranging an in-person meeting. After finalizing the content, this media firm then planned to offer a series of live CME webcasts led by the same faculty, attracting an international audience.


An ExtendMed project manager worked with the agency to build a banded landing page, upload slides, train the presenter, and test participant connections prior to the meeting.

For the meeting itself, ExtendMed staff provided tech support and troubleshooting. Following the meeting, an edited recording was developed into a CME webcast series for 10,000 primary care invitees.


The media firm completed an online CME series—from content development to live webcasts to on-demand CME—in three months versus six, with a 50% budget reduction vs. live programs.

The series drew a larger international audience and included follow-on resource sharing (e.g., practice guidelines and 3 month post-assessment).

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Published by ExtendMed December 17, 2021