Transform data into insights with impact

We know at the end of the day, you need to be able to show the cost to meet your objectives. We provide you with the data your stakeholders demand.

Drive measurable results

Our reporting dashboard allows you to track how many participants have engaged in each of your activities in our portal. At a glance you can quickly see who has participated as well as their individual and aggregated responses to any questionnaire, discussion thread, or other measure. Data is updated in real time so there is no lag in obtaining the data you need.

Track your annual consulting engagements using reports than can be filtered, analyzed and summarized, ultimately helping you optimize your targeting, messaging, and impact.

Our system can be used to track and execute the following:

  • Speaker contracting and aggregate spend tracking
  • Speaker training (and presentation building)
  • Speaker profiles and event planning
  • Automated email alerts to attendees for logistical updates and post-event evaluation questionnaire
  • Speaker ratings from sales reps and attendees
  • Program closeout in compliance with Sunshine Reporting regulations
  • Dedicated technical and content support