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By ExtendMed on May 16, 2023

ExtendMed's Amy Ravi Shares Her Insights on The Future of Speaker Programs With PM360

In a recent article for PM360, ExtendMed's Amy Ravi explores the transformation of speaker programs in the pharmaceutical industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and offers some best practices for pharma teams navigating accelerated change.

Here are a few key takeaways from the piece:

  • A study conducted in December 2020 showed that most companies were planning even then to continue hosting events with online options even after in-person gatherings resumed.

  • We've observed the pandemic catalyzing a new level of collaboration between pharma speaker bureaus, healthcare providers and other stakeholders, dissolving geographical barriers for exchanging ideas, data and best practices.

  • Virtual and hybrid events have introduced new tools for healthcare providers to interact and report on their interactions. Field representatives now rely on online journal clubs, virtual speaker programs and expert one-on-one sessions, all facilitated through a screen. The most innovative companies are using new engagement tools to collect crucial feedback from experts in the field and improve their programs.

  • To ensure successful speaker programs in this new environment, knowledgeable speakers, strong evidence-based content and thoughtful execution are vital.

  • Pharma companies are now establishing ongoing relationships with speakers, giving them real-time access to the latest information, periodic quizzes, study updates and relevant news. Companies are also using engagement platforms to record and refine speaker presentations and create a library of referenceable information sources.

  • In terms of logistics and compliance, the shift towards digital systems has led to more efficient validation rules and training for speakers. Companies are using presentation builder tools to provide speakers with the latest approved slides and maintain a documented audit trail for the presented materials. Teams must also integrate various systems, such as expense management, CRM and speaker management systems, to ensure accuracy and consistency across all tools.

Read the full article on PM360 to learn more about the future of speaker bureaus and thought leader Engagement in the post-pandemic world: Reigniting the Future of Speaker Bureaus and Thought Leader Engagement.

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Published by ExtendMed May 16, 2023