Seven Tips for Presenting on Camera for a Webcast

  1. Please join the meeting 30 minutes early, using a computer with a hardwired internet connection. (Wireless connections are often less reliable with the potential for greater lag times, particularly with video/web cams.)
  2. Always present from a seated position, in a comfortable chair where you can maintain good posture.
  3. Set the camera so your head appears centered on the screen, about 2/3 of the way up in your frame.
  4. Minimize sun exposure in your camera frame because sun direction and strength may change during the meeting. Make sure you are well-lit from electric light source.
  5. Close all other computer applications for the duration of the virtual meeting.
  6. Prep a quiet space for the webinar. Make sure your set background is neat and tidy.
  7. Review the meeting playbook – including the agenda, supporting materials, what to do if there’s a technical glitch, how to manage questions.