What to Wear on Camera for a Studio Shoot

General Information

  • If you’re using teleprompters on set: you’ll be reading off a monitor directly in front of you or placed over the shoulder of another speaker (about 5 feet away). If you need glasses or contacts to read at that distance, please bring them so you won’t have difficulty reading on camera. I’ll send final script to you on Friday so you’ll have time to review it before Monday’s shoot.
  • The lights should feel warm but not hot. The studio is temperature controlled and can be adjusted to whatever temperature feels best to you.
  • We may record segments multiple times from different camera angles as needed.
  • For most segments, you will be standing or leaning against a high stool. We won’t film your feet so feel free to wear comfortable shoes (even slippers!).


  • Bring solid colored clothes. Best bets are navy blues, grays, purples, dark creams, browns, and neutral colored suits.
  • Bring clothes made of natural fabrics that tend to breathe easily under the warm studio lights.
  • Bring two or three neckties that match your suit (to try out on camera). Solid colors or large patterns are best. Avoid stripes or small patterns.
  • Bring accessories (like scarves) with subtle patterns.
  • Do not wear brand colors unless cleared by the stakeholder.
  • Do not wear green so that you can be filmed against a green screen which will enable us to add content later in the editing process.
  • Avoid stark white or bright yellow shirts that tend to reflect light and be too vivid on camera. Light pastel colors, blue, or gray work best.
  • Avoid black suits which tend to diminish your appearance because they absorb too much light. Navy, gray, or brown work best.
  • Avoid fabrics with complicated patterns such as checks, tight/close stripes, herringbones, tweeds, and loud plaids. Fabrics of this design tend to strobe on camera.
  • Avoid short sleeve shirts. Short sleeves give an informal look.
  • Avoid shiny jewelry and metal tie clips, which reflect light back into the lens of the camera.

Hair and Makeup

  • We will have a hair and makeup person on set to prepare you for the shoot.
  • If you prefer to use your own makeup, please bring it to the studio.
  • If you wear foundation, apply it lighter so it can be adjusted at the studio.
  • If you have longer hair, consider pulling it back from your face to avoid shadows.