Pharma’s Digital Awakening: Research-Ready Health Information And AI To Reduce Cost And Deliver Better Treatments

Clinical Leader | August 2019

Using real-world data to represent the evolving demands and requirements of targeted markets—as demonstrated in the automotive industry—would create drug manufacturing pipelines that are living ecosystems, ushering flexible production into the pharmaceutical industry.

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Differentiating Oncology Research Pipeline In Today’s Competitive Era

Clinical Leader | August 2019

Big pharma is increasingly doubling down on bets to develop new blockbuster cancer drugs.  Currently, approximately 700 organizations have one or more oncology drugs in late-stage development, and 14 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are focusing at least one-third of their late-stage R&D activity on oncology.

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Real-World Evidence: Explaining The Current State Of The FDA’s RWE Program

Clinical Leader | February 25, 2019

This article will guide you through the program and what it means for drug developers and explain the potential that real-world data (RWD) offers in developing RWE to significantly and safely accelerate the drug approval process.

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Why precision medicines for oncology demands precision engagement

MedCity News | May 24, 2019

Life sciences companies overwhelmed with large volumes of information and data available – both in terms of therapies and patient-reported outcomes – must establish a more efficient, bi-directional communication model with care teams to succeed.

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Survey: Patient influencers trust social media more than pharma websites

MM&M | April 16, 2019

Patient influencers trust social media groups more than pharma websites for health information, according to a survey from Wego Health.

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Walking the walk: How pharma companies can deliver patient-centric experiences

BIOPHARMADIVE | April 16, 2019

What does it mean to walk the walk and, more importantly, how can organizations ensure that a focus on patient centricity not only benefits patients but also drives business success?

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In R&D, small biotechs hold their own against big pharma

BIOPHARMADIVE | April 23, 2019

Emerging biopharma companies patented almost two-thirds of new drugs in 2018, while large pharma patented one-quarter

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A rough guide to…advisory boards

PMLive | March 23, 2016

Our intrepid writers take us on a journey through advisory boards and show that pre-trip planning is the pathway to perfection

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Nine Key Elements to Ensure Advisory Board Success

PM360 | June 17, 2014

The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and medical stakeholders will need to evolve thanks to the greater public scrutiny these relationships will now receive under various regulatory changes including the Sunshine Act.

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Pharma Medical Affairs: 2020 and Beyond

McKinsey & Company | 2014

Pharma’s Medical Affairs faces growing internal and external challenges as
well as new opportunities

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